GW Racing does the following for different cars or race cars manufacture high performance side shafts & 9 inch diffs. official suppliers of spares for:

We only stock high dollar V8 spares. (NO Chinese make)

  • We do Gas flowing on Cylinder heads
  • Magna Charging
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Suppliers of special Vari Racing Brakes
  • Diamond custom pistons any make, any size
  • CPH Stroker kits
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • We also Dyno & Remap all new Ford Mustangs, Camoro
  • We also do remapping of Chev Lumina vehicles
  • We are also a supplier and fitter of the                                             and pedal boosters
  • We cater for High end parts for race engines.
  • C5 Octane Booster

We sell C5 Octane Booster which was independently tested by Sasol. Proved that this Octane booster is one of the only boosters that actually raises the octane and produces more horsepower. It can be used on any car or bike. Best value money can buy. One 500ml bottle treats 60L of Fuel.

We are also agents for Torco octane booster.


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